Exploration and Renewal During the Job Hunt

Unemployment is a great time of exploration and self renewal. It gives me time to explore new ideas and new paths. The last time I was unemployed (or semi unemployed) was exactly a year ago. I got lucky, as a job landed in my lap a few months later. I explored job options then, but not as much as now. since the job probably isn’t going to fall in my lap again.

I’ve always pondered the idea of being a writer. Not a novelist, I don’t have big enough ideas to be a novelist (as most of my ideas revolve around falling in love with an imaginary Prince). But, my idea of writing revolves more around blogging, reporting and general snark of life. It could happen.

I’m about a year in to my luxury fashion blogging experience with b5media. I love the freedom, the growth, and the few connections I have made. I have not fully explored the networking, the PR, or even the social media aspect of the job. And, I know that’s the next step. And part of exploration. Maybe my next step isn’t to be the CEO of a non-profit. Maybe it’s to be fabulous writer who writes in her PJs and midnight about Lady Gaga’s crazy get-ups. Who knows.

I’m exploring this option and taking a step towards it by not just looking at Freelance Writing postings, but actually responding to them. I am putting together writing samples. I am entering contests to get me into New York Fashion Week.

Yes, a contest. You heard me. And that’s where I need your help. GStar Raw, a great urban fashion company announced a great contest earlier this week. They are taking one person from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Flikr to New York Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2011 as a Raw Reporter.  The winner needs to exude what they believe to be a “raw reporter” and that includes getting a pretty high number of votes by early February. Early February. That’s a while. So, if I can build a great cushion early then it will be smooth sailing (and exploring by February); or at least that’s my idea.

So, to get me to the Northwest Passage of the job hunt exploration (did that actually exist?) I need you all to click this link and vote for me. If I can win this may be a new great beginning!


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