Loss of Professional Confidence

It happens sometimes. We all make small mistakes. We may even may make big mistakes. It could be a typo that senior management noticed and reported to your manager or just stumbling through your first presentation with a company right out of college. They all usually end up in a little “chat” with a supervisor.

But, what happens when your boss decides that this one mistake is big enough to lose confidence in you? When your boss hands out roles for a new project and you get left behind or are left to be the “copy maker” or the “get the RSVP list” person when you’re usually the powerpoint maker or PR guru; how do you react? More importantly- how do you not take this personally and think of it professionally?

It’s a dicey situation. You may hear, “We remember when you stumbled through your very first presentation? So, yeah. We’re going to replace you. Sorry. You suck. You can provide that great coffee you make. Or bake some cookies for the center of the table if you’d like.” What they are usually trying to say is, “We value our customers and the service we provide. So, we’d like to provide you with more training to fix the problems last time so you can do better next time and blow us away like you do everywhere else.”

I’m sure that it’s hard to consider baking those cookies or making those copies when you know that you are capable of the great PR work or the awesome powerpoint presentation. Just remember that if you continue to do your job and continue to improve you’ll get more than one chance to do those great things that were taken away from you.


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