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The Right Answer Today: I Don’t Know.

We visited the topic of professional confidence a few months back.  The question is, though, what happens when that confidence all but disappears? The organization says, “I’m sorry even your coffee and cookies aren’t good enough for us so we’re going to need your keys and your cell phone. You’re no longer an employee here.”

Obviously the next step is to find someone to help you find your confidence again. Find that job description on Craigslist,, or whatever that perfect job search site is (or talk to your network about the perfect job) with skills you have and write a killer cover letter and resume. Problem is, it’s going to be a huge struggle. Right now I don’t even feel like I can write an appropriate cover letter without someone sending it back to me without corrections.  I might have made some changes personally, but professionally I feel as though I have taken several steps back. It sure feels like the rug has been ripped out from under my feet.

Other blog entries have spouted out some sort of advice, even if it’s been some cheesy “Keep your head up.” However, I don’t have anything for this. How do you deal with the loss of a job when an employer just basically ripped all your professional skills to pieces? I don’t know. Maybe that’s the answer for now, “I don’t know.”