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Passions and Direction in a Blog



I sat in front of my laptop for about thirty minutes trying to find a direction and purpose in this blog. I’m not going to lie. I’m like most people, I say I’ll keep this up and keep a direction and not make this a personal rant and rave “journal” since I’m officially an adult now, however, there may be some deviation.

At the thirty one minute mark I came to a conclusion. There really is not way to separate myself from all my passions and who I am. There are three distinct parts of me: there is the non-profit/housing progressive thinker, the fashionista and then there’s the spiritual United Methodist Texan who is still searching for direction in my life. And all my thoughts and work encompass all these beings.

Until I can come to terms with this and this blog evolves into something more then it can handle there will be discinct parts and pieces to it. It’s an evolution of passion in my life. And I’d love to share it with the world.

So, ready…and…go!