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Working for the State: A Requirement?

Here’s the current conundrum. It’s an unspoken requirement that you have Child Protective Service experience in the state of Texas to get a Case Manager position. But, how do you get that experience if they won’t hire you either?

Many independent foster care and adoption agencies only require a Bachelor’s degree for their entry level case management positions. A new position, due to funding, turnover, expansion, etc. will appear every few weeks on a number of websites. In their educational requirements they usually list a BA with no experience necessary. I have a great cover letter and resume put together for these jobs. 4 out of 5 times I will get the interview. But, is it even worth it these days without experience with the state? I will get that interview because I have worked with at risk youth and have worked with the community.

Score! I get super excited and walk in confident and even score 41/45 on their personality tests. I get a second interview. They love me. They compliment my domineer. I am very calm. I speak Spanish.  I can work with the bilingual families. They start thinking about how they can use me in their agency.  And then…two or three interviews later someone comes in who has 2-3 years experience with the Department of Health and Human Services and Child Protective Services…on top of all the other things I have. Of course they get the job over me. I’m not upset. They deserve it.  They have case management experience; they won’t need to be trained. Their investment is close the nothing to train the person who has case management experience. But for me? Someone will obviously have to train me (right?).

Had you spoken to me 2 months ago I wouldn’t have considered applying to work for the state, again. The things I hear about the work and the things the Investigative workers see is not necessarily scary, but just something that I would like to avoid. It’s kind of like working in the mail room to get that PR gig you really want. Everyone talks about that one really bad entry level job.

Now, nearly 4 months into this job search I’ve finally broken down and decided that maybe I should consider working for the state-because it is damn near a requirement. Nevermind that the last time I thought that working for the state was the best route for me to take I applied for at least 20 positions within a year and received one interview.

You may be asking why I didn’t continue with the application process last time. Well, I had an interview for two positions –a Conservationship worker and an Investigative Worker just day before I was asked to join ACORN Housing. It was easier said than done to say “I’ll take the job that I know I will love,” than to even worry about proceeding with a job I wasn’t even sure I would get.  Now, here I am…almost a year after I started the ACORN Housing job wishing I had taken the job with the state. Ugh. As is life.


Pull a Florida: Your Criminal Record & The Job Hunt

There is a constant buzzing in my house, it’s the TV. And the TV is usually stuck on CNN or Fox News Channel (don’t hate!). I really cannot put my finger on what makes us a “newsy” family, but it’s always on. FNC has this great ongoing segment called On the Job Hunt.They have news segments covering jobless rates, finding a job, job tips, and all those juicy things people looking for a job already know. Nonetheless, I stopped to listen to this tidbit of information.

They were in Florida this time around and mentioned that many jobseekers today are sealing and expunging their criminal records in search of their perfect job.

This got me thinking. Especially for young job seekers –nothing can stop us. Nothing is ever going to stop us. And the first real hurdle in our lives is usually finding the post college job.

Did you think of that MIP? Speeding Ticket? That one fight you got in at the bar on 6th Street? It’s a different market; perhaps we should pull a Florida. This isn’t to say, as some of the comments have come in on the FNC website, that serious offenders should be sealing and expunging their records (here is a brief explanation of what qualifies for expungement).

That night at Mistletoe Madness, Margaritaville freshman year where your whole dorm floor got caught with alcohol and you got an MIP could be keeping you from getting your dream job. Or, you got in a fight that night. Or even several speeding tickets – but your dream job is a Case Manager and you have to have a clean driving record. You had a stellar interview and they love you. Then they run that background check. Whoops. What do you tell your once future boss? My bad, I was stupid. I just don’t know what happened.

Now what? Just keep that in mind. It’s something I didn’t even think of. It’s these types of things that slip by. Just another tiny tip in the maze that is the job hunt.