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Human Resources: Please Stay True To Your Word

I understand that it’s a tough world out there. I understand the Human Resource world is a busy world. Interviews, resumes, applications, meetings, conferences, etc.  I understand if you are interviewing hundreds of people that it is impossible to call them all back to say “I’m sorry you will not be moving forward in the employment process.” However, if you say, during the interview, “I know that waiting is hard and we will be in touch-whether we hire you or not- it would be nice to get a phone call to find out what the answer is.” Actions speak louder than words. That’s all I’m saying. If you don’t say anything about calling me, though, you’re alright. I still love you. Otherwise….continue reading (well continue reading anyway)….

Human Resources is usually the first impression of the company a potential employee gets on the company.  If the interview goes so-so and the HR person says, “Hey I’ll call you back no matter what,” and they end up calling and saying, “Hey sorry there was someone better than you.” I won’t hold that against them. I will keep them on my list of good companies and companies to apply for in the future, when there may be another better position for me. I may even pass on the name to others in my professional network. Their Human Resources department is reliable, dependable and stays true to their word. And so is the company! If, on the other hand they say they’ll call and say something and they don’t I probably won’t keep them on my list because they aren’t true to their word and reliable. Sure, it may be that one individual that I was working with – but they have to remember they are representing their whole company. And they just left a bad taste in my mouth. Their actions weren’t that great – actually kind of bad.

Many of the positions I have applied for have been in small organizations and companies. It’s a small victory even getting an interview. Some have even shown me the stacks of resumes they’ve gotten via Craigslist.  So- say from that stack – a small company interviews 13 of 100 resumes they received.

They interview people for two or three days. They also say they’ll call back these potential employees back no matter what.  In my estimation this type of phone call could last about two minutes. Just a quick, “Hi this is so and so from small organization. I’m sorry we won’t be proceeding with your application.” A few questions will be asked and a polite thank you will be exchanged.  Thirty seconds for a breather and then the Human Resource person will continue with the next person. That’s about Thirty Three minutes. Thirty Three minutes of your time Human Resources….that’s it. Like I said before, I understand your time is money and I want you to use your time wisely but can you use it to do some community relations work? Let the community know that you are true to your word – reliable, dependable,  a good person? It would just be nice to know there are still good people out there (I know there are some!)

I say these things because this has happened to be a handful of times. It irks me to know that there are probably a handful of other people that may have been waiting by the phone for the same “yes” or “no” answer that I was. Of all the job hunting, job interviews, thank you notes, and uncertainty that I have had to feel in professional life I have been told 4 times that I will receive a phone call about my professional fate. Of those 4 statements, I have only actually received 1 phone call back. So, HR professionals, stay true to your words because 3 organizations have lost 1 great voice due to bad actions.


Craigslist and My Job Hunt

Yesterday I wrote about Christmas. Today I’m writing about love. Craigslist is love. Not that I know much about love. My experience with love is limited to the San Antonio Spurs, my desire to own a pair of Christian Louboutin boots, and Justin Timberlake (darn that Jessica Biel!). But, when it comes to the job hunt, today’s love is Craigslist.

Craigslist is such a fabulous place. We all know Craigslist’s history (or we should and that’s why I’m telling you about it today). It started out way back in 1995 when Craig Newmark connected with friends to let them know what was going on in San Francisco. It grew and today, if I could meet this Craig Newmark. I would plant a big ole kiss on his cheek. I find a job to apply for nearly every other day.

But, how do you do this you ask? You can’t just bookmark the one place you’re looking for like “Non-Profit” in my case. I’ve come to the realization that a ton of people are just don’t really know how to navigate the simplistic site many great jobs end up in the wrong place.But, how do you find the right job? Here’s how I’ve navigated CL…

  • Admin/Office is a good place to find data management jobs. If you are a Microsoft Office guru check this area out.
  • Marketing/PR is great for outreach or organizing jobs. If you love people, are into social media and are ready to “transfer” your skills head over here.
  • Education area is where I have found a few positions in job training. Use your people and teaching skills to write a killer resume and cover letter for this one.
  • Health area is great for Case Management positions.  If you have previous case management experience, some non-profits drop their case management positions here instead of non-profit thinking they’re more health related.
  • Writing and ETC is great for Grant Writing positions. Since grant writing is more of a writing skill than a non-profit skill, some organizations put their writer positions here thinking that writers can express the organizations opinion better than someone with a non-profit background.

This doesn’t mean, though, that I neglect my standby and my targeted field, “Non-Profit.” That section of Craigslist is checked every few hours, as I’ve mentioned before…the job hunt is a full time job and I always have my eye out for the scam jobs as Craiglist has begun to warn us of background checks, credit checks, free trial offers, and other such icky things and people.

Much like love, jobs can be found in many places. And that’s why I love Craigslist. But, now…we must move on to the next part…actually getting the job!