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My Friends Misguided Career Advice Sucks

Today was a rough day. The only thing holding me together, financially fell apart. It is a game…this freelancing thing. And I’ve played it well for the last year and a half.  Companies go in different directions and when those directions do not match people part ways. So, that’s way happened today.  I won’t whine about it. I won’t disparage the company.  I won’t say much more. But I will ask my friends to please think about their reactions.

I understand that many of you are employed. And gainfully. You love your jobs. You may complain and you whine every once in a while, but you love your co-workers and the work you do. So you don’t very much relate to my situation.

For the last few months I have only a handful of times commented about my joblessness on facebook or in person. I don’t feel like it should bring down our friendship or change our relationships. I do not want to be that person who complains about the lack of a job. So, when I do update my status, tweet, or actually bring it up in conversation it probably means that it’s serious business.

Today, after I found out that I lost my freelancing gig I took to my facebook. It wasn’t anything ridiculous or out of control, but I did broadcast to all 341 friends that I had lost the gig. I didn’t expect much, but maybe a virtual hug, an “I’m sorry…” or even, from the handful of people I do know in the field perhaps a “hey check this out…or I have a person I could get you in touch with.” While I did get some of those I did get others that just make me want to shake my friends….

  1. Why don’t you check Monster?
  2. Have you applied for jobs with This Big non-profit, That Extra Big Non-Profit, and These Super Popular Selective Non-Profits?
  3. Read this article about stay at home jobs.
  4. Why don’t you be a telemarketer?
  5. Have you joined LinkedIn, BrazenCareerist, BrightFuse, etc?

Yes!! Yess! Yesss! I have done all of those things! So have all the other millions of unemployed people that are out there today. Monster? Yeah? Okay. Like I don’t look there every day. This, that and the other organization…if you named it and are not in the industry other people have thought of applying there as well. I’ve applied. Read an article? Okay. Gotcha. Telemarketer? I’ve talked about the dream. This isn’t it. Social networking? Yes! That’s where I am now. Ugggh.

I love you all. I love my friends. I want to drink with you. I want to watch movies with you. I want to play board games with you. I want to talk to you about your family problems and be there if you need to be picked up from a bar at 3 am and didn’t think to bring a DD. I want to go dancing with you, and hear about bad dates….and perhaps be there for your children and weddings and all that stuff that comes along as we get older. But what I need from you now is real advice, some direction. If you cannot do that I kind of need you to stop giving me the worst advice known to man.

Please know I say this not because I am being mean, but because I need some support in this uncertain time. I don’t expect you to be career experts, HR pros, or resume writers. What I need is some sympathy, some empathy and a shoulder to cry on.


Human Resources: Please Stay True To Your Word

I understand that it’s a tough world out there. I understand the Human Resource world is a busy world. Interviews, resumes, applications, meetings, conferences, etc.  I understand if you are interviewing hundreds of people that it is impossible to call them all back to say “I’m sorry you will not be moving forward in the employment process.” However, if you say, during the interview, “I know that waiting is hard and we will be in touch-whether we hire you or not- it would be nice to get a phone call to find out what the answer is.” Actions speak louder than words. That’s all I’m saying. If you don’t say anything about calling me, though, you’re alright. I still love you. Otherwise….continue reading (well continue reading anyway)….

Human Resources is usually the first impression of the company a potential employee gets on the company.  If the interview goes so-so and the HR person says, “Hey I’ll call you back no matter what,” and they end up calling and saying, “Hey sorry there was someone better than you.” I won’t hold that against them. I will keep them on my list of good companies and companies to apply for in the future, when there may be another better position for me. I may even pass on the name to others in my professional network. Their Human Resources department is reliable, dependable and stays true to their word. And so is the company! If, on the other hand they say they’ll call and say something and they don’t I probably won’t keep them on my list because they aren’t true to their word and reliable. Sure, it may be that one individual that I was working with – but they have to remember they are representing their whole company. And they just left a bad taste in my mouth. Their actions weren’t that great – actually kind of bad.

Many of the positions I have applied for have been in small organizations and companies. It’s a small victory even getting an interview. Some have even shown me the stacks of resumes they’ve gotten via Craigslist.  So- say from that stack – a small company interviews 13 of 100 resumes they received.

They interview people for two or three days. They also say they’ll call back these potential employees back no matter what.  In my estimation this type of phone call could last about two minutes. Just a quick, “Hi this is so and so from small organization. I’m sorry we won’t be proceeding with your application.” A few questions will be asked and a polite thank you will be exchanged.  Thirty seconds for a breather and then the Human Resource person will continue with the next person. That’s about Thirty Three minutes. Thirty Three minutes of your time Human Resources….that’s it. Like I said before, I understand your time is money and I want you to use your time wisely but can you use it to do some community relations work? Let the community know that you are true to your word – reliable, dependable,  a good person? It would just be nice to know there are still good people out there (I know there are some!)

I say these things because this has happened to be a handful of times. It irks me to know that there are probably a handful of other people that may have been waiting by the phone for the same “yes” or “no” answer that I was. Of all the job hunting, job interviews, thank you notes, and uncertainty that I have had to feel in professional life I have been told 4 times that I will receive a phone call about my professional fate. Of those 4 statements, I have only actually received 1 phone call back. So, HR professionals, stay true to your words because 3 organizations have lost 1 great voice due to bad actions.