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The Job Seeker’s Bucket List

I live in nostalgia. I love it. I dream of it, and I want it, badly. So, for that reason, I keep up with my alma mater’s weekly publication, the Lone Star Lutheran.  Earlier this semester, the students began writing about their Senior Bucket Lists, things they would do before graduating from college. It was a genius idea and it made me want to go back to college just so I could make my own bucket list.  Needless to say, that didn’t happen.   But, a modified version has come about since I lost my job.

Based on the fact that an average job search takes about six months I have about 5 ½ months to finish this up.  And none of these are job related.  It is key to keep a level head during the job search and this is going to be my level head. And I am counting on you all to hold me accountable for the 10 items on my Job Hunt Bucket List.

Ashley’s Job Seeker Bucket List

  1. Volunteer as much as possible: I signed up to renew my Volunteer Income Tax Preparation (VITA) certification earlier this month. It’s up to me to actually use it.
  2. Read a Book:  I am notorious for purchasing books and then not reading them. The goal – actually finish the book.
  3. Be social:  This is self explanatory, locking myself up because I am unemployed and sulking is just plain ole wrong. And it’s the holidays. This is the best time of the year!
  4. Explore the culture of my city: I live in such a great city. Missions, free museum days, trail, etc. I need to do it.
  5. Learn something new: This is a byproduct of job hunting and constantly networking. Picking up on those keywords that I don’t know much about and learning what they mean and learning how I can actually do them.
  6. Tell my family I love them as much as possible: My married baby sister lives in Kansas and will be visiting in January. My family is Arizona is facing some pretty serious health issues.  And I love my family in Georgia. They’re crazy fun. Whether it’s through cards, e-mails, phones, actually seeing them, or even the recently Shute discovered Skype…it has to be done.
  7. Be thankful:  Finding the good in unemployment is key to the unemployment game. I could be waiting for Food Stamps, be filing for bankruptcy, or even be homeless.
  8. Watch some new movies:  Much like the books thing, I need to be a bit more open minded. I haven’t seen anything new recently. With the Golden Globe Nominations coming out soon I should have some good choices to watch.
  9. Try a Bump It: The commercial was on. They look cool.
  10. Be a bit more prayful/faithful: It’s fallen by the wayside for me. And it’s sad to admit that I think the last honest prayer I prayed was to have UT beat Nebraska for the Big 12 championship. How about some perspective?

This is early on in the job hunt. As I get further down the road (and hopefully I don’t have to go too much further!) I will add more and will check some of these things off.  Is there anything that I should add? What would be on your Job Hunt Bucket List? Or even your regular Bucket List?