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Dear Lower Unemployment Rate, We are not friends!

The February unemployment rate was the lowest reported number since 2008. That’s great news! Jobs have been created in a numbers of sectors. To those of you who have found jobs in those areas, congratulations! For those of you who are still looking, I would like to welcome you to our joint pity party.

While it is great news that the unemployment numbers are moving up and jobs are being created, it also means several things for those of us that are still looking for employment:

  • It may take longer for us to hear back from hiring managers

With up to 200 applicants for a posted position on the internet job boards, hiring managers are really have their work cut out for them.  While I have given them some heat in the past for not getting back to me when they have said they would, I do understand the volume associated with posting a position.  So, if you’re a job seeker, realize that your goal of finding a job now is not the same goal as the hiring manager who has a goal of finding the right candidate.

  • We may have to tweak our resumes and cover letters more

There is an art to matching keywords. If you find the art, please let me know. I haven’t figured it out   yet. If I had, I would share it.  🙂




  • We may have to go after temp to hire jobs

As much as I dislike the idea, many people champion this idea. It’s a way for companies to test out employees and positions.  It also keeps an employee busy while you look for the next full time position.

  • You may have to network more (offline and online)

Let everyone know you’re looking for a job. If you go out to eat with friends and you meet someone new and they ask you what you do, don’t be embarrassed, maybe they know someone who can help you! I’ve started saying that I am currently going to graduate school, but I am also looking for full-time employment. It kind of pads the shock that I am unemployed, but then the person also knows that I am looking.  If networking mixers scare you, try networking online. Start joining twitter chats like #jobhuntchat and #HFChat.  It takes the pain out of the face to face networking. Do not be afraid to connect to those people on other platforms like LinkedIn either. Those connections can turn into real connections and will take the fear out of the face to face meeting. Then, once you get that down you’ll be able to network like a pro in real life!

  • We may have to settle for jobs that are not in our sector or are below our level to wait out the recession (still!)

Continue searching for the next best thing, but also remember that the next door may not open         at the right time. Look for things that can lead you to that next door. Look for a CNA position that could lead to an RN position. Look for an Administrator position that could lead to development. Look for a teller position that could lead to loan officer.  It’s all in what you make it.

Even though I give all this advice it doesn’t mean that I’m still not bummed about the state of the economy. It’s holding everyone back. With only 3 interviews and a handful of auto-generated e-mails since this latest unemployment stint, there are some times when I continue to stumble and wonder what the next step is. For those of you that are unemployed know there is someone out there feeling the same thing. For those of you who know a friend or family member who is unemployed, give them a cookie or watch a really bad movie with them to cheer them up. And for those hiring managers and recruiters who come across applicants who are unemployed, please give them a chance. They’re good people.