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What a Wonderful Week!

Unlike last job hunt I have quietly hunted for my job. I have made some great connections on an offline the past few months. I have also quietly almost finished up my second semester of graduate school and am waiting for a six week break before I start a field placement at an unknown location (scary!).

Last week I had three follow-up job interviews. They all were great interviews. I would have been stoked to have accepted any of the three if they were offered to me.  I did all the reqesit Thank You letter follow-up. I e-mailed and sent letters in the mail within 24 hours (unless they said they would make decisions within 24 hours) and then waited.

Instead of going to the gym like I have been lately to clear my mind (mind = beyond blown) I drug my stay at home mother with my to a local strip mall to do some retail window shopping. It helped some, but that couldn’t last all weekend. So, Saturday and Sunday came and went as always.

Then, Monday came and went as well. No phone calls. I tweeted, I applied for 3 jobs, all courtesy of Craigslist. The quiet confidence of last week was slowly disappearing.  Poof! Phone call from a radio station. Radio station?! I’m not in the radio industry (I wish i was that bubbly and outgoing, though!) I had won a trip to Houston, hotel room, back stage passes and tickets to Bruno Mars concert two days later. Say what? You’re Amazing, radio!

So, Wednesday comes around. I woke up feeling like P. Diddy. Packed up, ready to go. Not even half way there (it’s a three and a half hour drive) and holy cow! I get a flat tire! Yes, a flat tire. Thank goodness my trustee sidekick, Amber, knows how to fix a flat because I never planned on having a flat (well…yes, never planned on it…). We’re working our magic when I swear a little angel in an old mazda truck pulls over and helps us fix our flat in 30 minutes. He was a little Grandpa who got his hands dirty for us and when I asked for his address to send him a thank you card he said no, please don’t. And he faded into the distance of I-10.

Now, more than halfway to Houston, new tire in position (a new full size spare nonetheless), I get a phone call from one of those 3 places I had mentioned.  The manager asked me if I was driving and I said, “Well, yes, but I won’t be at a stopping point for a while…” And then he sounded sad, I was like “Oh, no. I didn’t get the job.” Then he goes, “Well, let me cut to the chase then, we’d like to offer you the part time position.” Yahtzee! I knew something was going to happen.

So not to bore you with the rest of my personal diary…the hotel was pretty. Traffic in Houston still sucks. It made us late. We obviously got our picture taken with the beautiful Bruno Mars. The concert was wonderful. The drive back was uneventful-except for the drizzle in Lulling. And I have a part time job!