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Craigslist and My Job Hunt

Yesterday I wrote about Christmas. Today I’m writing about love. Craigslist is love. Not that I know much about love. My experience with love is limited to the San Antonio Spurs, my desire to own a pair of Christian Louboutin boots, and Justin Timberlake (darn that Jessica Biel!). But, when it comes to the job hunt, today’s love is Craigslist.

Craigslist is such a fabulous place. We all know Craigslist’s history (or we should and that’s why I’m telling you about it today). It started out way back in 1995 when Craig Newmark connected with friends to let them know what was going on in San Francisco. It grew and today, if I could meet this Craig Newmark. I would plant a big ole kiss on his cheek. I find a job to apply for nearly every other day.

But, how do you do this you ask? You can’t just bookmark the one place you’re looking for like “Non-Profit” in my case. I’ve come to the realization that a ton of people are just don’t really know how to navigate the simplistic site many great jobs end up in the wrong place.But, how do you find the right job? Here’s how I’ve navigated CL…

  • Admin/Office is a good place to find data management jobs. If you are a Microsoft Office guru check this area out.
  • Marketing/PR is great for outreach or organizing jobs. If you love people, are into social media and are ready to “transfer” your skills head over here.
  • Education area is where I have found a few positions in job training. Use your people and teaching skills to write a killer resume and cover letter for this one.
  • Health area is great for Case Management positions.  If you have previous case management experience, some non-profits drop their case management positions here instead of non-profit thinking they’re more health related.
  • Writing and ETC is great for Grant Writing positions. Since grant writing is more of a writing skill than a non-profit skill, some organizations put their writer positions here thinking that writers can express the organizations opinion better than someone with a non-profit background.

This doesn’t mean, though, that I neglect my standby and my targeted field, “Non-Profit.” That section of Craigslist is checked every few hours, as I’ve mentioned before…the job hunt is a full time job and I always have my eye out for the scam jobs as Craiglist has begun to warn us of background checks, credit checks, free trial offers, and other such icky things and people.

Much like love, jobs can be found in many places. And that’s why I love Craigslist. But, now…we must move on to the next part…actually getting the job!


Don’t Mean Nothing To Me

Don’t Mean Nothing to Me. That’s the title of a song by the Tinted Windows. And that’s how I feel about my current position as unemployed. I know that I will find my way and I know things will be okay.

I know, I know. I am a horrible blogger. I’m pretty sure I don’t have an avid readership. And I haven’t updated in months. But, but, but…I will try my hardest to try!

The last time I wrote things were fabulous. I was following my dream, living it, serving, and being it. Today, however, things are different. And I will not rehash what can easily be read on or  All that is necessary to know is that, much like many other non-profit positions, the money is no longer there and the grant is gone.  I mentioned in The Non-Profit Passion entry that my position was a temporary position, and indeed…it was.  The NeighborWorks grant contract was through March 2010, however, based on current events and occurrences, the grant was voided and now my position isn’t necessary.

At the present moment, I am taking my skills (you know those qualifications you put at the top of your resume…Microsoft Office, communication skills, reliable, adaptable, etc) and trying to find another great and rewarding position. Whether those skills lead me towards writing, development, outreach, policy, or case management is an unknown. It’s scary and well, just scary.

But, the things I have learned in the last year and a half with the previous organization has taught me so much.   I’ve learned how to communicate with so many different people. I’ve learned when to say that I’ve done something wrong and to fix it….and when to just fix it without pointing out that I’ve made an error. I’ve learned to be an Excel wizard. I’ve learned that working on the fly is sometimes the best medicine, but other times a plan is what is necessary to get things done. I’ve also learned to keep my eye out for myself.

Keep an eye out on yourself. Be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. And that’s where I’m at now. While the purpose of what I am here for is service and others, there comes a time and place where I am at now. There were so many times that I heard people say, “Well do what is best for you,” in regard to looking for jobs and just generally being kind of nasty in the office. However, at this point, I really do need to be on the lookout for myself. The day broke the first video tape I was appalled. I was shocked. And, that’s when I hit the ground running. That was mid September. By the first of October I had my first job interview. The company wasn’t what I was looking for and I wasn’t what they were looking for, but nonetheless, I was looking out for myself. And now, a month and a half after the hunt started things are looking good. Fingers are crossed that hopefully I’ll just “unemployed” for a week.

I’m also smiling, I’m hopeful, and prayful because being unemployed don’t mean nothing to me right now….I know it won’t last long. And I know things are going to be alright.