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When Will My Hot Streak Turn into a J-O-B?!

When does a hot streak turn in to a job? I mean seriously.  After the massive disappointment of the research position that I did not get a few weeks (or was it last week?) ago I kept my head up, as I said I would, and applied, e-mailed, and faxed.

That work has paid off, as I have had five interviews scheduled within the last two weeks. That’s exciting! Is it because I started off a new year or is it just that it’s my time? Whatever it is I am not overly excited, because we have seen where that has gotten me.

I have read plenty of blogs and have attended plenty of webinars throughout my unemployment and know plenty of skills, points, and questions to ask to make me stand-out in the interview process for example:

Dress Well: Dress appropriately for the business (organization) you are interviewing with. I’m not going to wear a three piece suite to interview with a small Christian based non-profit- maybe black pants and a nice sweater and heels.  Now, if I do go to interview with a corporation then the suite is good.

Bring Copies: Copies of resumes, writing samples, reports, references, etc. The latest interview I had was with three people. I had three extra copies just in case. The director had a copy, but the other two prospective bosses did not have copies. Bazinga! They had copies.  Interview before this one I brought reports to show a prospective research position even though they didn’t ask me to bring them.

Know the Company: Look at the website, see if they have a facebook or twitter account and see if they have any upcoming events that you can discuss.  Don’t get too gritty though, they don’t want stalkersunnless the job title is “Official Company Stalker.” They will love that you have taken interest in the company.

Ask Questions: After learning about the company you’re sure to have questions. Is the company growing? Is this a new position? What is the company culture? Casual Friday? Happy Hour? Just kidding about the Happy Hour business.

Write Thank-You Notes: Thank them for the time. Many people see hundreds of people for one position. Others are making special time for you, especially if it is for a small organization. I remember setting up interviews for my last employer for a very specific time. If the prospective employee could not make the interview they wouldn’t get the interview. It’s that simple. Time is money people! Thank them for the time!

So, when in the world will my time turn in to money? I mean, obviously someone has noticed me. My cover letter and resume are getting noticed. And I know what to do.  Just answer me this world, when will this interview hot streak turn into a job?


Please RSVP: My Jobless Pity Party

I had several great interviews for an excellent educational research position earlier this month. I trudged down to the office in inclement weather (for Texas…it was rainy and in the 50s), paid to park and curled my hair. If you know me the curling of the hair put it over the top. I believed the interviews went well. My future co-workers complimented my writing style, my data collection, and asked questions about my personal life as if I had already accepted the position. However, since it was an academic position they were taking their time to find the perfect candidate. I wasn’t too freaked out about that. I continued to look for other options with this one in my back pocket.

I woke up this morning (actually it was afternoon…it was almost noon) and checked my e-mail with fingers crossed that I may have received e-mails asking to set up interviews for resumes I had sent out earlier this week. No dice on that end. However, there was an automatically generated e-mail from my back pocket job saying the position was filled and it didn’t have my name next to it. It was a sinking feeling. I was totally bummed. It’s one of those bummed out feelings that makes you want to go to the refrigerator to get the closest thing that resembles ice cream…and finish the whole container.

And then it hit me. Now I understand why people stop looking for work. It just seems impossible some days. Just down right impossible. No matter what you do, no matter how stellar your resume, no matter how amazing your hair looks or how awesome your interview answers are, or even how genuine your thank you note is. There’s always that one person out there who is going to be better.

Now, I think I’m just throwing myself a pity party today because I really wanted that job…but it just gets me down. I will continue to send out those resumes, continue to send out genuine thank you notes and continue to network. I just now understand how people are one day part of the unemployment numbers and the next day not. Discontent, dissatisfaction and pity parties. It’s always something. Today it was the automatically generated e-mail.